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Muzzles: A quick guide

Greyhound and Pet world muzzle

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A Quick Guide To Muzzles:


Muzzles, there are so many of them to choose from. Those that suits small dogs or big dogs, material, size and recommended variations according to breed. It can be difficult to pick one if you’re not sure what you need or indeed want. Here at our store we have multiple options for dog and greyhound muzzles. Lets break it all down into easy to digest segments.

Why Get A Muzzle?

By law if you have your greyhound in a public place, they must wear a muzzle. Specially awarded GAP (Greyhound Adoption Program) greyhounds are the only exception. Muzzles can be a lifesaver, for both you and your pet. You can have the friendliest dog turn on someone unexpectedly, potentially injuring that person. All this can lead to legal action being taken against your dog. The simple solution is to acquire a dog muzzle.

With that out of the way we can move on to discussing muzzle differences. We’ll keep it brief, we promise.

Muzzle Size & Type:

Firstly we’ll consider sizes. In general small, muzzles are suited for females, and larger for males. The fit of the muzzle is important, as a loose muzzle could come undone and injure your pet, so do consider testing the size, rather than finding out the hard way. Greyhounds, like all dogs, do enjoy chewing on things that you’d prefer they didn’t. While muzzles won’t stop them completely, you’ll thank yourself when your tv remote is still intact.

Depending on your needs, the type of muzzle you require will vary. A Plastic Basket Muzzle is the more forgiving of muzzles, allowing your dog to drink water and pant with ease, while still offering substantial protection. A Metal Basket is often used for racing greyhounds. Do take caution however, if the basket breaks while your pet is wearing the muzzle, as the sharp metal will injure them. An Anti Bark Muzzle does exactly what it says, it prevents your pet from barking, which is useful if you are in a neighborhood where noise may be an issue. Leather Muzzles are a slight variation on the plastic muzzles. They may require more testing to make sure your dog can drink and pant.


Greyhound coursing muzzles are used when greyhounds are out on the track. These are mainly used to help confirm which greyhound wins, not because greyhounds are vicious as some people might assume. Our coursing muzzle is our recommendation, approved for racing in Ireland and other countries. Our Greyhound & Petworld Muzzle is a nice solution for your greyhound, whether they’re out playing, running or out walking.


We have many other options, all serving the same purpose and all made with high quality, affordable material. Do feel free to peruse our full selection here. Hope we cleared up some of the grey areas in your pursuit of a suitable muzzle.